Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finding the time

I am often asked “How do you find the time?” and I often answer “I am sure my house is messier than yours”. I guess what it comes down to is prioritizing the things that are most important to you. If you want to do it you will find the time if you don’t you will find an excuse. I am good at finding excuses too…very good! Exercising with young children is hard. Some days I am running around between section on my DVD wiping bottoms getting drinks and generally just trying to settle them so I can get my workout done. Sometimes they want to join in…this DOES NOT work! I almost trip over them numerous times and just end up getting grumpy! I would love to go to the gym and put them in the crèche and just work out for an hour or so with out having to worry about them but unfortunately that won’t work at the moment. So how do I do it? Well…I just do. If  the littlest doesn’t sleep when I need her to then maybe I leave early to pick up the eldest from school and walk around the block a few times before I pick her up. Or I workout after dinner, I never feel like it but once I am on the treadmill or the bike and I see the calories clocking up on my HR monitor I want to keep going. So if you really want to, you can…JUST DO IT!

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  1. Hi Meika

    Good on you for persevering, even with kids to distract. I have 3 girls, 7, 5 and 17 months so I hear you! Are you doing Round 3?