Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So Tired…

My girls did not sleep well last night. I think they were cold. I ended up with about 4 hours broken sleep with a 3 year old in my bed and my back is sore. Oh I know I sound like a sook and I acted a bit like one today too. Too much “I’m tired, I’ll just have a bit of this (insert food I shouldn’t have here)” or “I’m tired, I can’t exercise”

I am kind of dreading stepping on the scales tomorrow…I wonder how much damage can be done in a day?

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day! (Thank goodness!) My lunch is made and my workout gear is already set out. I am off to the Botanical Gardens for walk with a group of mums. My two older girls will have to run as I plan on walking fast! Time to get back on track!

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