Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finding the time

I am often asked “How do you find the time?” and I often answer “I am sure my house is messier than yours”. I guess what it comes down to is prioritizing the things that are most important to you. If you want to do it you will find the time if you don’t you will find an excuse. I am good at finding excuses too…very good! Exercising with young children is hard. Some days I am running around between section on my DVD wiping bottoms getting drinks and generally just trying to settle them so I can get my workout done. Sometimes they want to join in…this DOES NOT work! I almost trip over them numerous times and just end up getting grumpy! I would love to go to the gym and put them in the crèche and just work out for an hour or so with out having to worry about them but unfortunately that won’t work at the moment. So how do I do it? Well…I just do. If  the littlest doesn’t sleep when I need her to then maybe I leave early to pick up the eldest from school and walk around the block a few times before I pick her up. Or I workout after dinner, I never feel like it but once I am on the treadmill or the bike and I see the calories clocking up on my HR monitor I want to keep going. So if you really want to, you can…JUST DO IT!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The last two weeks have been bad…very bad…so bad I don’t really want to talk about it…too much food…chocolate…cake…leftovers…little exercise = No weight lost

Good news is that I have found that blasted wagon and I have climbed back on!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Chocolate ice cream

There is some in my freezer and I want some! I will resist though and get the kids in bed so I can exercise!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Has anyone seen the wagon?

You know that wagon that people fall off? Well I can’t even find mine at the moment. Maybe I just haven’t been looking hard enough…tomorrows job is to find it, jump back on and tie myself to it so I can’t fall of it again!

I am sitting here feeling horrible after eating fish and chips for dinner and i know I don’t want to feel like this again. I didn’t do the groceries online this week…I wasn’t organised and missed the cut off. I won’t make that mistake again! I need to have the right food in the house if I want to succeed at this!

First thing tomorrow I am going to get the kids in the car and drive to the local shop and get a few things so I can actually make a good dinner for tomorrow night and when the kids are sleeping I AM going to exercise.

So please check on me tomorrow and give me a kick up the backside…I might just need it to get back up onto that wagon!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So Tired…

My girls did not sleep well last night. I think they were cold. I ended up with about 4 hours broken sleep with a 3 year old in my bed and my back is sore. Oh I know I sound like a sook and I acted a bit like one today too. Too much “I’m tired, I’ll just have a bit of this (insert food I shouldn’t have here)” or “I’m tired, I can’t exercise”

I am kind of dreading stepping on the scales tomorrow…I wonder how much damage can be done in a day?

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day! (Thank goodness!) My lunch is made and my workout gear is already set out. I am off to the Botanical Gardens for walk with a group of mums. My two older girls will have to run as I plan on walking fast! Time to get back on track!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A little more on heart rates

Well after my quick post about my resting heart rate(RHR) I became curious as to what was considered good and not so good for a RHR. I discovered this chart and found it interesting and thought I would share. It will be interesting to see how much more my RHR changes over rest of the program.

Resting Heart Rate

Wow! I can’t believe that my resting heart rate has improved so much in just 3 weeks! When I first started it was in the 70’s…the high 70’s. Today when I put my heart rate monitor on it was 61! I thought there was something wrong with the monitor so I took it manually and it was right!

Bad Day

Sigh…I should have gone to bed when I started feeling hungry…I didn’t though…I snacked…a little too much

Tomorrow is a new day though. Time to go get some sleep and start again tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week 1 in review

This is a little late but I still wanted to take the time to reflect on my first week. Most of the food was great but I did struggle some evenings as that is my usual picking time! Some nights I caved and had a little something…mostly healthy that didn’t blow out the calories too much and other nights I was strong and had a glass of water and went to bed. I need to get more of the latter happening though.

I am SORE! but I feel great if that makes any sense. I can feel that I am getting stronger and fitter already and although a lot of the time I want to sit on the couch and knit once the girls are in bed I really love how I feel when I jump on the treadmill or turn on my exercise DVD. I am discovering that I love to run on the treadmill and it burns a lot of calories too which is great.

I sold some of my yarn stash (I can hear all the knitters gasping!) to buy a Polar Heart Rate monitor and I am SO glad that I did. It really pushes me to go a bit harder and burn more calories. I am a numbers person and having them in front of me really pushes me! I am writing down my daily calories burnt too as it is encouraging to look back on the week and see all my work!

Week 2 Weigh in

Down another 500g this week! With the amount of exercise I have done this week I will be honest and say that it would have been nice to see more of a loss but I am pretty close to my goal weight now and it is harder to get that last bit off! Oh and I do have the tendency to pick…I pick at the girls leftovers, I pick as I cook, I pick as I pack away the leftovers into the freezer, I pick after dinner while watching TV…yes it is a VERY bad habit of mine and I really need to kick it if I am going to succeed in this long term.