Sunday, June 17, 2012

My love-hate relationship with Saturdays

I love Saturdays! First day of the weekend! We take our girls to ballet and pop in to the Italian Pantry over the road for coffee with just 1 child instead of 3 which is a HUGE luxury! I get to spend time with my husband and girls all together. My husband often helps with the cooking and cleaning and we all get a bit of a relax. We get to catch up with friends and recharge our batteries.


I hate Saturdays! The lack of routine makes it hard to stick to the meal and exercise plans! There are so many yummy temptations at the Italian Pantry and my 2 year old always tries to feed me her leftovers. My husband will cook delicious food that I can’t eat and I have more time to think about eating! We catch up with friends and cook pizza and apple crumble and it is so so hard to sit and eat my meal while everyone else enjoys the homemade pizza.

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