Sunday, June 17, 2012

So far so good

So it has now been 2 weeks and I only just got to blogging today. I guess it has taken all my focus to get started and stay on track. I feel that I am finally there though! Each day is getting easier(except for Saturdays so there is something to work on there!) and I am getting into better habits with my food and shopping. Oh I have written numerous blog posts in my head but they just haven’t made it to the blog!

I am 1.3kg down as of last weeks weigh in on Wednesday and I am pretty pleased with that. It was hard to not compare to others figures but as I don’t have much to loose I really am happy with my progress so far and should reach goal if I can keep things going like they have been.

Exercise has been a struggle some days especially with school holidays as the routine is all mucked up! I do love having Elsa at home but it is definitely a lot harder to get out and get things done with an extra child! School goes back tomorrow though(Yay!) so the routine starts tomorrow morning! Actually really it starts tonight with me getting everything ready for my day tomorrow. Clothes are set out for all of us, the lunchboxes have been packed and my gym bag is packed too. Tomorrow I conquer the gym! Well at least I will attempt to if Miss Eve(2) will let me. She loves her mummy that girl! I do love that she always wants me near but I do want that hour a day to myself at the gym so I am hoping by the end of the week she will happily go into the crèche at the gym and I can actually get a whole workout in! I have picked all my classes that I would like to do this week but I am fully expecting to be interrupted for at least the first day! If it happens I will pop the kids back in the car drive home and finish off at home. It will be a pain and take heaps longer to get my workout done but I am hoping it will only be a few days and it will all be working well (fingers crossed!). Tomorrow I try Zumba!

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