Thursday, May 31, 2012

4 Days ‘til Kick Off!

The count down it on!
I feel more prepared this time than I have in previous rounds which is a good thing since I didn’t complete the other rounds! The nutrition plans came out today and I have put my grocery order in online and will get the fresh fruit and veg on Sunday after work so I am all ready to go! I have planned a couple of different meals for the kids on a couple of the nights as I know a couple of them won’t go down well with them so it is just not worth it especially since some of the meals cost more than I would usually spend. I didn’t do this last time, I just tried to swap it out for another meal that I knew they would eat and we would all eat it. This worked ok but it meant that every week I had to go through the menu and try to swap it all around. It took ages and I soon lost motivation. This time I will eat what is on the menu (and so will Josef) and the kids might have a couple of different meals on the nights that I don’t think they will like it set meal. It will be a little bit extra work for me with extra cooking but if I cook enough to freeze some too then it should all work out pretty well.
Tomorrow is my fitness test! Kind of looking forward to seeing where I sit. I hope I am still at intermediate! I am sure I could still sit in that category as I was getting up towards advanced last time.
I think i need to buy a cheap bikini. Not for me to wear in public but for my before and after photos. Last time I just wore a bra and undies and although they were fine for me to look at I just wouldn’t feel comfortable posting them on here or even showing a lot of people. I am not saying that I will post photos on here but I know how motivating I find before and after photos and if mine would motivate someone else then I would consider it. Especially another mum who has a wobbly saggy belly like mine! So I think tomorrow after work I will do the fitness test and buy a cheap bikini! I hope I can find one this time of year! Not exactly bikini weather in Tassie at the moment!

Maybe this bikini would suit me. I could almost tuck my flabby belly into it! hehehe
So what are your thoughts? Would you post your before and after photos for the world to see?

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