Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 minutes

That is how long it took Miss Eve to stop crying today after dropping her off at the gym crèche. I actually got a workout in! When I got back she was happily playing and didn’t even look up! I am SO happy as I think this is going to work! Looking forward to trying a Punch class on Thursday morning and then maybe Pump on Friday. I am not doing my fitness and toning on the right days but as long as I get them all done I am happy.

Weigh in tomorrow. Not feeling too confident about it actually. I think the pizza and apple crumble on the weekend may have done a bit of damage. The challenge for me is going to be getting on with it if the numbers are not kind. I would be happy with any loss at all this week…as long as it is not a gain! That would be a bit depressing. I should start thinking about my Saturday and making sure that I have a plan in place for any social occasions! I don’t actually have any plans as yet for the weekend and I am not working! My first weekend off in 4 weeks! Yay!

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  1. Hi Meika, I saw your blog via Hobart Mums Network. I know it's a bit weird going round giving advice when you hardly know someone... but I read a book called Sweet Poison by David Gillespie, about 6 months ago, it's about how getting rid of hidden sugar (fructose) in your diet is a complete game-changer for weight loss and healthy eating. I just wanted to mention it, cos it's transformed things for me. Michelle Bridges is great and getting super fit is good for so many reasons, but I highly recommend that book for making the whole thing soooo much easier! (I actually haven't exercised at all in the last 6 months but have dropped 5kgs without even trying, thanks to getting rid of sugar). Anyway, good luck with the program! (ps - you can find the book at Big W and I even saw it at Coles the other day).