Monday, June 18, 2012

Operation Gym Crèche….FAIL

So it didn’t go too well today. I was all organised and got Miss Elsa(5) to school on time(an achievement for me!) but she was all clingy again and I left school about 20 minutes later than i would have liked to. I did kind of expect it since it was the first day back after a 3 weeks but it did mean that I was arriving in the car park at the time the Zumba class was starting and I still needed to get the kids and the pram out of the car into the gym and into the crèche and get changed so I knew that it wasn’t going to happen.
Dropping the girls off at the crèche seemed to go so well to begin with. Miss Eve(2) ran straight over to the play kitchen and started to make mummy and Miss Isla(4) a cup of tea while I signed them in. I had my ‘cup of tea’ and kissed the girls goodbye and then Miss Eve’s bottom lip dropped and began to quiver, tears filled her big brown eyes and she whispered ‘Goodbye Mummy’ and I quickly left the room. I was out and there was no screaming(yay!). The lip quiver was pretty heart breaking though!
I headed to the change room and by the time I had pulled all my workout gear from my bag the screaming had started! I could hear it loud and clear from the change room and I couldn’t stand it! I headed back in thinking I would give her another cuddle and head back out to do my workout….WRONG! I ended up being in here for another 20 minutes trying to settle her so I could go again. Finally I decided to go anyway and see if she would settle. I managed to get changed and take a 5 minute phone call from my mum and all I could heat coming from the crèche was the sound of Eve sobbing. I went back in and that was it….50 minutes at the gym and no workout!

The carer and one of the trainers (who also has one of her little ones in the crèche) both think I need to toughen up and leave her a bit longer…maybe they are right…maybe they aren’t. I don’t know! I REALLY want to make this work but do I really want it enough to have Eve scream it out! The carer suggested I leave her for 15 minutes tomorrow and then 20 minutes the next time and just continue to extend it. She said this had worked with others over about 3 days. I think I will head back in tomorrow morning and try again. I guess it can only get better!
It is SO tempting to just throw in the workout for today as I have only just walked in the door and it is 4:20. I still need to make dinner for the kids, dinner for Josef and I(different things tonight as I know the kids won’t eat curry), bath them, dress them, put them in bed, clean everything up, do a load or two of washing, sort out everyone's clothes for tomorrow, make lunches for tomorrow and a whole lot of other things that I will remember along the way…BUT I will fit in a workout somewhere!

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