Monday, May 28, 2012

I’m Back!

Here I am, starting my 3rd round of 12WBT. It will be the first one I actually complete and I am very excited about it.

I have dealt with one of my major excuses last week. My knee. I now know that I can’t run. I am sad, very sad sometimes as I do love to run but now I know that if I do I could to more damage and end up with osteoarthritis which would be horrible. So no more running for me. I will join the gym this week and buy some new supportive shoes. I WILL find something else that I love to do to get me fit and help me loose weight. While we are on the weight topic I guess it is time for me to confess that I am starting this round heavier than the last 2 rounds that I did. I am not sure of my exact weight as my scales seem to be broken but I am sure I have at least 8kg to shift this round. I know I can do it but I am a little scared that my knee will play up again! Lots of low impact exercise for me this round! I enjoy the cross trainer and gym classes so I think i will be spending a lot of my time doing those.

Better go and do more of the pre-season tasks so I am all ready to go next week!

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