Friday, October 14, 2011

A Crazy sort of week

I would love to have a household that runs smoothly all the time. You know the ones where the kids do what they are told all the time, the floor actually stays clean for more than 5 minutes and everyone is happy all the time…Oh that’s right! They don’t exist!

This week my house has been a little more crazy than normal. No reason in particular…just life I guess. Fitting in exercise has always been a challenge as it seems that something else has to suffer for me to have the time to do it. Sometimes I have to leave the dishes on the sink or leave (another) basket of washing unfolded. I was really finding it hard this week to choose to exercise when everything in my house seemed so unorganised so i will admit that Monday and Tuesday I didn’t exercise at all! Of course this left me feeling horrible! Wednesday I decided that I was going to do both…clean my house AND exercise! I didn’t know how but this is what unfolded… I put out my exercise mat and every time I walked past it I did 10 push ups. I hopped on the exercise bike while watching tv and in the ad breaks I would run around and clean making sure I kept my heart rate high. I then hopped on the treadmill of 15 mins (this is all the time my girls would stay happy for!) and then hopped off and danced like a crazy woman to a few songs with the girls…the girls thought I was hilarious! I am sure I looked it too! So 1 hour 20 mins later I had a clean house, happy kids and I had done my workout burning over 600 calories! Yay! Win Win Win!

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  1. Go Meika!!! Hooray! Such a good idea. You are so creative.