Thursday, May 19, 2011

What this is all about

This is all about me finally getting off my butt and exercising! I want to loose those last few kilos and tone up. Really I am pretty happy with my weight but I am still a little squishy around the edges if you know what I mean! With 12kg lost over the last 6 months I know that healthy eating is something I can do, In fact I find it pretty easy. I thank my mum for filling me up with healthy foods growing up as these foods are normal to me…and delicious too! I do need a reminder to keep my portions in check..oh and the chocolate (mmm chocolate!) …my downfall :( I think it may need to stay out of my house for the next 12 weeks!

So how am I going to do this? I am doing Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation! I am going from no exercise (except for running around after my kids and the occasional 15 minute guilt run on the treadmill after overindulging!) to exercise 6 days a week! It will be tough but I can do it!

Why Mum Fit? Well I chose this name for my blog as it addresses my excuse for NOT exercising! I use it all the time. “ I have 3 little ones, I can’t find the time” “ My kids didn’t sleep well last night and I am too tired” “I have had 3 kids, I can’t expect my body to be the same as before” (ok this is true to some extent but in getting back to my wedding weight I know it is not all true!)

I am hoping that I can inspire some other mums out there to do this for themselves and their kids. I hope to share how I overcome all the hurdles that life with kids throws at you everyday and some healthy recipes that kids will eat too. I am sure there will be dramas…there always are…but with some determination and a good sense of humour I WILL DO IT!

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