Friday, September 30, 2011

One of those days!

You know those days where you get to the end and decide you NEED chocolate or a glass of wine(or two or three!) well today was definitely one of those days but I am NOT going to go for the chocolate and wine! I will admit I did pick at the ham while putting in back in the fridge and ate a cracker off my 19 month olds plate but all things considered I am not too upset about it.

We were late for school, we (ie Miss 3) had a huge tantrum in Coles while a large audience looked on to see just how I would handle it, Miss 1 kicked Miss 3 in the mouth(accidentally) and there was blood everywhere, I waited in the rain for my friends to turn up for a walk…and they didn’t, we didn’t park on the pink level of the car park and there was another huge tantrum (Miss 3 again) oh and another when she wanted ‘a special treat’ and I didn’t produce one and to top it off Miss 1 had a huge poo explosion on the way home…the worst I have had to deal with in a while…jus one of those days

I am going to do my work out tonight instead of eating chocolate and drinking wine(which would be my usual way to wind down after a day like this). It is going to be tough but as Mish says I will start and if after 10 mins I still don’t feel like it I can stop…I don’t think i will though, I always enjoy it once I actually start!

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